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ala guizzi and the newspaper
"il sole 24 ore" almost peers

july 2021

The newspaper “Sole 24 ore” has dedicated a thorough in-depth analysis about Italian companies that deal with thermal treatments: the narrating voice of the financial economic landscape since 1965, at the top of information with an important circulation and digital publishing organisation which is among the most evolved, Ala Guizzi embraced the invitation of the headline to narrate the story. Not only because we grew together! For our 60th anniversary we have matured the awareness to choose how and with which instruments to present ourselves. The “Sole 24 Ore” understood the moment of innovation riding the wave of digital transition; Ala Guizzi in its own market niche chose to implement its own offer 3 years ago extending to the trade of alloys. We always have faith in progress because it means dynamism, movement and intuition. .

ala guizzi sole 24 ore


fornitore offresi postponed until next february 2022

june 2021

This year the International exhibition of mechanical subccontracting suppliers which takes place at the exhibition grounds of Lariofiere in Erba has been cancelled due to the Pandemic and the scheduling of events overlapping with the structure being used as a vaccination hub. The new dates for next year 2022 will resume with the consolidated and customary programming period of the exhibition during the third week of February and are the following dates: from Thursday 17th to Saturday 19th February 2022 with opening hours to visitors from 9.30am to 5.30pm. We hope that such a decision due to reasons independent of our wishes but fully understandable is appreciated by our clients whom we will have the pleasure of meeting personally on the occasion of the event.


great things are born from small things

may 2021

The short story of our company narrated by the report of Confartigianato and broadcasted by Telelombardia. Since 1961 to date, we are proud of the group of collaborators with whom we have faced the world’s turbulence of the past year. A turning point in top management in 2014 and the change determined by the collaboration to the classical production of Ala, a professional know-how of large-scale range which has allowed us to debut in the field of sales of alloys of high standard nickel. We are proud to be part of the productive fabric of our territory and to be daily suppliers of a European and International organisation. Enjoy the viewing.


easter 2021. “looking for a new frieggship”

february 2021

We are also continuing this year to sustain the Italian Association for the Fight against Neuroblastoma. The mission of the Association since its origins in 1993 have been to sustain research which has continued to evolve during these past decades thanks to authoratative centres of excellence, achieving satisfactory results in terms of the quality of life of young patients who are affected by this pathology. In 1979 the survival rate at stage VI was 8%, today it is 34-40%, besides directing research towards a more personalised treatment. Anselmo Guizzi speaks about this here. “Looking for a new frieggship” is this year’s initiative which distinguishes Easter 2021, a simple gesture but with an enormous ambition.


a goal is just
the beginning of new objectives

january 2021

2021 coincides with the 60th year of business for our company. We have had the honour of being born and working with big companies which have contributed to the Italian economic boom. Today in spite of the current health contingency and the unavoidable decrease in consumption, we hope for the beginning of a new economic and emotional path. Ala Guizzi has been involved in the safeguarding of its' employees during the world pandemic, continuing simultaneously in technological research designed to offer original and highly reliable solutions. We wish all our clients and suppliers a more than ever concrete vision, a marked growth and the ambition to maintain excellence in a now globalised market. Always believe. Never give in.

alaguizzi 60 crederci


grand prix gala dinner

october 2020

The 3rd of October the Gala dinner of the Italian Gran Prix was held at the Hotel Dino of Baveno. The evening was designed for the collection of funds for research on child Neuroblastoma, a tumoral form that occurs during pediatric years and is the third most common neoplasm after leukemia and brain tumors. The Italian Association for the fight against Neuroblastoma, was born at the Insitute “G. Gaslini” of Genova with the initiative of some parents and oncologists who were looking after sick children. The mission: defeat Neuroblastoma and Pediatric Solid Tumors through the means of innovative research projects aimed at identifying new and efficacious personalised therapy and treatment. Ala Guizzi partecipated as a sponsor.

alaguizzi dinner alaguizzi dinner


being alert counts
during the journey

october 2020

Ala Guizzi is selected by the programme “Live Social” of Radio 24, a radio station that voices businessmen and companies that stand out throughout the Italian territory. Here, the complete participation of Anselmo Guizzi, in which the origin of the company is narrated and the future strategies are outlined, reminding that “the final objective does not count, but being alert during the journey is what counts, just like the sailors do…”. just oustside the intervention relative to the “Associazione Italiana per la Lotta al Neuroblastoma of which Ala Guizzi is a mentor and has sustained over the years.



ala guizzi with hockey:
a steely couple

april 2019

Ala Guizzi goes down to the ring, sharing the typical philosophy of a rough but fair sport as hockey on ice is, an ambassador for passion, grit, and competitiveness. That's a discipline which Ala shares with the same roughness when moulding its artifacts, as well as the same values in daily activities. From the social structure where it works, Ala Guizzi chooses to sponsor Insubrians Como team, who races to Lahc Campionship in the Canton of Ticino. During this year Insubrians Como has doubled the last year success fighting Momo Spartans in the final, rewarding a path along which they have always driven the regular season chart, making a likewise clean route even in the playoffs. Thanks to this sponsor Ala Guizzi aims at spreading out the amateur sports over the country, creating experiences with a result in personal formation, passion and positive emotions.


economic brianza

july 2017

Villa Reale of Monza hosted the tenth edition of Economic Brianza Prize. This year have been celebrated the "Special Affinities" between the companies, an homage to values like family, job and dynamism of this "tenacious" geographical space where we work. Ala Guizzi too, has distinguished itself between the praised companies, for the reason that it has made it possible relationship and interactions aimed at new business growth. A small success, and a great honor to be part of an industrious field which counts 91.000 companies. News about the prize in the paper Il Giorno and Il Cittadino di Monza e Brianza.

alaguizzi dinner alaguizzi dinner