we are able to offer pioneering solution for our national and international customers

Our production high quality standards
are the results of more than half a century of know-how

products for
soaking pits


Designing and realisation of specific equipment in order to optimize loading and distortion strain of parts due to thermal shock

products for
conveyor belt furnaces

We produce spare parts for different kinds of furnaces, identical or superior to the original ones, built by highly qualified personnel with the help of state of the art devices



the correct maintenance of the machines guarantees a more than average usage time


The present reference standards about lifting equipment, manufactured by Ala Guizzi, include certification and CE marking.

ce-logo certificate

The machinery directive states that the essential safety requirements, must be met on the whole life of the equipment and a relevant documentation must be written.

ce-logo certificate

Ala Guizzi, by adopting the present reference standards, develops and realises CAD 3D models based on customer's specific instructions with FEM analysis which defines its structural behaviour. FEM analysis allows to identify the products' critical points, any material defects and mass distribution, verification of stress ratios due to thermal fatigue or deformation and potential breakpoints.

aspo_color 3D Model
aspo_wireframe Wireframe
aspo_thermic FEM analysis

At the same time, we develop a carpenter draw with design notes and calculation with technical drawing of design details, complete with a list of materials used for the equipment.

The final product is delivered with a use and maintenance book.

A choice coherent with the Ala Guizzi's desire of innovation.