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Ala Guizzi, with over 50 years of experience in austenitic material processing, today is extending its business to trade of inox steel, duplex and nickel super alloys.

The new brand, Ala Guizzi Sezione Commerciale, distributes products destined to high temperature in plants and kilns for heat-treatment of metals, as well as articles for chemical and petrochemical plants, which are inevitably liable to corrosion.

We seek to be always the reference point for our customers and we like to satisfy future customers and this takes us proud to have, between our suppliers, some of the most qualified European and non-European steel companies, which meet the strict international rules Astm, Asme, Nace, Norsok, EN, PED, and DIN. A choice which allow to Ala Guizzi to start trading alloys, showing off in this new business sector a manager with a long experience and a wide professional background.

standard semi-processed products

+plate  +bar  +ss and welded tube

+connections and related soldering materials

cutted to lenght semi-processed products

using  +water  +plasma

+shear  +mechanical cutting systems

Ala Guizzi, more than half a century bending the steel, thanks to continued investment in new technologies and to a recovery in consumer confidence.
Ala Guizzi Sezione Commerciale, is our history which guarantees a new selling reality: another challange to which we invite you to take part.

standard available formats

plates  +thick min. 0,50mm - thick max 50,00mm

bars  +diameter min. 6,00mm - diameter max 500mm

tubes  +diameter min. 10mm - diametere max 508mm for thick in mm o or schedule

ala guizzi sezione commerciale

Every year the sector trade fair “Fornitore Offresi”, takes place at the exposition headquarters LarioFiere in Erba, in the heart of the Como area landscape. We take the annual opportunity to take advantage of a preferential area, and spread the new brand Ala Guizzi to a wide and specialised audience in the stalls besides our consolidated clients. The positive experience has allowed us to increase the perception of our everyday professional image, creating a network of contacts from which premises were formed from the very first attendance and is an index of tangibile development.

fornitore offresi

If you have any further queries or requests regarding our products please do not hesitate to contact directly the commercial manager at the following number +39 366 7243450