ala guizzi with hockey:

a steely couple

april 2019

Ala Guizzi goes down to the ring, sharing the typical philosophy of a rough but fair sport as hockey on ice is, an ambassador for passion, grit, and competitiveness. That's a discipline which Ala shares with the same roughness when moulding its artifacts, as well as the same values in daily activities. From the social structure where it works, Ala Guizzi chooses to sponsor Insubrians Como team, who races to Lahc Campionship in the Canton of Ticino. During this year Insubrians Como has doubled the last year success fighting Momo Spartans in the final, rewarding a path along which they have always driven the regular season chart, making a likewise clean route even in the playoffs. Thanks to this sponsor Ala Guizzi aims at spreading out the amateur sports over the country, creating experiences with a result in personal formation, passion and positive emotions.