here we are

february 2022

Ala Guizzi has re-registered its participation in the sector exhibition “Fornitore Offresi” after the year it had been called due to the pandemic. Our warmest thanks to the organisers of this edition, it started off without any notion of attendance but turned out to be full of opportunities and visitors. New collaborators being the cornerstone of our company both in terms of expansion of the supply chain also for the contacts created by word of mouth originating from the satisfaction of our actual client portfolio and for which we are extremely proud. The latest edition has offered an inestimable opportunity for comparison with the reality of the industry besides precious considerations deriving from the contents illustrated by Sebastiano Barisoni - Executive Vice Director of Radio 24 - in which many sector managers took part, the conference offering interesting inspirations aimed at long term visions. Regarding energy and raw materials and within the economical context made so turbulent by the hoarding of these materials the many years of experience put into our new brand Ala Guizzi Trade has allowed us to safeguard our clients from the wave of unstoppable speculations that the market is relentlessly generating. We have also had the occasion to promote in collaboration with the car dealer Lario Bergauto the launch of the new Volvo C40 at the headquarters of Lariofiere. The Volvo C40 is the new model that is entirely electric produced by the Swedish automobile company, a brand which is universally known for reliability and sustainability: the same values that Ala Guizzi has been pursuing for over 60 years producing efficient products to ensure the utmost in client satisfaction. The partnership with Lario Bergauto is the result of a proposal on behalf of our legal representative Ala Guizzi and which has proven to be a successful stimulus to attract curiosity at the entrance to the pavilion and spread interest to our stand.