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Always believing never surrending


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APRIL 2019

Ala Guizzi with hockey: a steely couple.

Ala Guizzi goes down to the ring, sharing the typical philosophy of a rough but fair sport as hockey on ice is, an ambassador for passion, grit, and competitiveness. That's a discipline which Ala shares with the same roughness when moulding its artifacts, as well as the same values in daily activities. From the social structure where it works, Ala Guizzi chooses to sponsor Insubrians Como team, who races to Lahc Campionship in the Canton of Ticino. During this year Insubrians Como has doubled the last year success fighting Momo Spartans in the final, rewarding a path along which they have always driven the regular season chart, making a likewise clean route even in the playoffs. Thanks to this sponsor Ala Guizzi aims at spreading out the amateur sports over the country, creating experiences with a result in personal formation, passion and positive emotions and contributing to the recognisability of company's values: "always believing, never surrending".

JANUARY 10th, 2018

Between the two branches of Como Lake


After the exciting experience of the last year, Ala Guizzi renews its partecipation in "Fornitore Offresi - Excellence in Machining”, at LarioFiere, Erba, developed exhibition centre rich of initiatives. The exhibition will take place from Thursday 15th to Saturday 17th February 2018. We invite our customers and people we have never had the pleasure of meeting, to come and meet us at the stand 615 CC. A unique opportunity to access to meeting business to business, and to spend the coming week-end visiting the lovely piece of territory between the two branches of Como Lake.

July 2nd, 2017



Special affinities


Villa Reale of Monza hosted the tenth edition of Economic Brianza Prize. This year have been celebrated the "Special Affinities" between the companies, an homage to values like family, job and dynamism of this "tenacious" geographical space where we work. Ala Guizzi too, has distinguished itself between the praised companies, for the reason that it has made it possible relationship and interactions aimed at new business growth. A small success, and a great honor to be part of an industrious field which counts 91.000 companies. News about the prize in the paper Il Giorno and Il Cittadino di Monza e Brianza.

February 2nd 4th, 2017


The decision to attend a trade fair as exhibitors, has mellowed in a heady moment for our company and for the whole sector in Lombardia. Consolidate a guarantee of reliability within the territory is the ideal modus operandi of  so called "fare sistema", to create links between producers and suppliers, with the ambition to run for the international markets. In the world of trade fairs, “Fornitore Offresi” gives the opportunity to exchange skills, know-how and create new synergies. The numbers are stimulating: 350 exhibitors who have run out of available places and, 8000 visitors among them italian and foreign buyers. The three-day fair programme has several side activities such as workshop, focus and strategies on foreign markets.

Ala Guizzi, proud of its experiences gained during more over 50 years of activity, showed its own skills and is conscious of a global evolution, both mechanical and technological with a relentless trend, prelude of a development which is functional also at our territory and at mechanical sector, of which we are proudly a productive asset. The positive experience of this participation led us to confirm again our presence to the next edition of February 2018.

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